Covid-19 Protocol and procedures 

At this time, we remain open as an essential service to our families.  We take cleanliness very seriously at ABC.  We follow the strictest protocols to limit the spread of viruses and germs.  Our school is cleaned daily, all high touch areas are wiped throughout the day and toys sterilized nightly.  At the moment, we have suspended all school visitors. (Please feel free to book a virtual tour with us!) For teachers and children, upon entering, everybody must wash their hands. We have hand cleaning breaks throughout the day (before eating, coming inside) We practice "shark nose" coughing (coughing into elbow). Temperatures are taken upon arrival and throughout the day. Any suspicion of illness or any fever, the person will don a mask and be sent home immediately with contact and follow up from our school Director.  Each of our rooms in the school has an air scrubber with HEPA filter which filters 99.97 particles including viruses from the air.  We also spend time outdoors in our private playground and run & bike track.  Fresh air is essential to boost children's immunities and keep them healthy.  ​ We will continue to be vigilant and practice the highest level of hygiene and caution while providing care for our families.  We have also opened our mountain school in Tochigi Prefecture up to ABC families as an alternative to staying in Tokyo for the time being.

ABC International school is a boutique International preschool in motoazabu, tokyo for children aged
12 months-7 years.  ABC is the ONLY Dedicated international preschool in tokyo located in a brand new, free-standing, custom-built facility that meets and adheres the latest school building, fire and earthquake codes.  Your children's Safety is a top priority at 
ABc International School!  
We would love to share our school with you! Call for a personal tour.

ABC International School is one of Tokyo’s premiere International preschools. Our organization has been providing high-quality preschool services in Tokyo since 1998. We offer a proprietary, foundational academic curriculum that supports the achievement of learning goals through active exploration, hands-on discovery and social competence. Our small, unique, fluid learning groups provide a catalyst for the development of strong, healthy relationships, solid learning skills, and academic confidence.   Learning activities are inquiry-based, developmentally appropriate and child-centered.
We are very proud to have moved into our custom designed and built facility September, 2017!  Our school now boasts a gym, covered outdoor classroom, art atelier, playground, nature garden, and both preschool and pre-kindergarten learning environments.  We have imported zero emissions, edible grade furniture from NaturalPod in Canada. We have a limited number of spaces available at our school for children aged 1-7.  We'd LOVE to share our beautiful school with you! 

-Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and health.
-Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.
-Respect for diversity, equity and inclusion are prerequisites for honouring children’s rights,

-optimal development and learning.
-A proprietary flexible child-centered curriculum supports early learning.
-Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance.
-Joyful, knowledgeable, responsive early childhood professionals are essential.

We have adopted these Principles from the Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings based on our beliefs, values, experience and the most current research findings.

"The preschool years never last long enough, but  the ABC experience will last a lifetime."

SINCE 1998


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