1-2 year olds
(Entrance is allowed from the child’s first birthday)
4 Hour Program 8:30 -12:30 (with extended day options available)
Maximum of 3 children in a learning group
A warm and inviting first step into preschool life, our 1-2 year old program supports both parent and child as they enter into their first school experience.
At ABC we strive to provide a warm, inviting and home-like environment to help our youngest learners feel safe, secure and ready to explore.
Our teachers are sensitive, intuitive and responsive to the children’s needs and help facilitate positive social interactions, providing stimulating expressive art activities, sensory circle times, outdoor play, cozy story times, and lots and lots of fun and hugs. Parents may join their children for the first few sessions to help them settle in or we will formulate a drop-off plan with you to best support your child and meet your needs.

2-3 year olds 

(Children have generally turned 2 by August 31st)
4 Hour Program 8:45 – 12:45 (with extended day and after school class options available)
Maximum of 4-5 children in a learning group
The transition into a terrific two year old is a unique time in a child’s development. Growing independence and an ‘I can do it myself’ attitude combines with a sense of fun, enormous energy and powerful feelings! Our 2 year old teachers are masters at integrating just the right amount of support to encourage this burning independence whilst keeping children feeling supported whilst they participate in a wider social circle. The curriculum focuses on active play to ‘wiggle out their giggles’, hands on learning and discovery and songs, stories and circle times. 

3-4 year olds 
(Children have generally turned 3 by August 31st)
5 Hour Program 8:45-1:45 (with extended day and after school class options available)
Maximum of 5 or 6 children in a learning group
This is an exciting time for ABC students as they move to the ‘upstairs classroom’ and have a whole new world of materials to explore! Children’s fine motor skills are often developing quickly at this age and they are ready for more focused skill-based lessons. Friendships really begin to blossom and teachers work closely to support interpersonal communication. A balanced curriculum allows for child-directed learning, teacher-led activities and more complex physical activities and learning centers. 

4-6 year olds

(Children must have turned 4 by August 31st)
6 Hour Program 8:30 – 2:30 
Maximum of 8 children in a learning group
Our oldest and highly sophisticated children come to school filled with questions, theories and curiosity. As their concentration expands and interests are widening, they are ready to tackle a full curriculum of learning activities balanced with artistic expression, scientific exploration and lots of physical activity. Free play is still of utmost importance at this age and often questions from learning centers are re-visited during that important time. Core academics are focused on in more depth and children work on language development, reading and writing, mathematical concepts as well as the visual and performing arts. 

Extended day

All of our above programs are supported by our “Extended Day Enrichment Program” or ‘ED’ as it is commonly referred too. To support families with varying schedules we offer both morning and afternoon extension from 8am until your child’s class begins and from the end of their class until 4pm. Children are provided with a quality program of activities and a loving and stimulating environment. For those children who are taking naps they can rest on their individual futon in our spacious classroom once their regular class has been dismissed.

After School Classes

At ABC we offer a fun and stimulating selection of after-school classes ranging from science to cooking and art to Japanese. They are designed with hands-on learning and fun in mind. Small classes of up to six children mean that each child has lots of opportunity for one-to-one teacher support and active learning. 
Classes run for ten weeks each term, on weekday afternoons and although we do not offer ‘drop-in’ classes you can join at any time if we have spaces available (you will be charged from the dates you start to the end of term) 
ABC children, as well as children who regularly attend other schools, are welcome to join and most classes are suitable for 2-6 year old children. The afterschool classes are a fantastic way for children to be immersed in English and to help develop language in a natural way. 

ABC English Academy

For those families who are seeking excellence in English ability, ABC offers a unique program of studies for children who cannot attend our regular preschool but are committed to learning English. Once families are member of this exclusive academy they can either choose 2 or 3 days after school classes and ABC Saturday for a discounted price as well as early reserved places on our Spring, Summer and Winter Camps. 
Our ESL Program is a winning combination of active language role-play, vocabulary games, opportunities for natural English conversation as well as reading and writing using the child-centred, multi-sensory Jolly Phonics system. 
Each class is carefully balanced to provide a range of activities that encourage communication, build language skills and enable children to practice English in real-life scenarios, within an International School environment. Classes are leveled so that children can progress through the program whether they are beginners or experienced learners. 
For older students who know all their phonic sounds and are reading, we use the Jolly Grammar program which can take children up to middle school age in their English journey and helps support their English Grammar which will be an essential part of their education as the Japanese Government makes English a formal subject for 5th and 6th Graders. 

ABC Saturday

Many parents want to give their children the opportunity to learn English but also want them to be able to attend regular Japanese school Monday to Friday. ABC Saturday provides the perfect solution to this dilemma and offers a warm and welcoming environment for children aged 2-8 years old to enjoy the benefits of an International School Education. The program follows the same ABC philosophy of our regular school and children will be exposed to natural English in a play-based environment. They will enjoy short periods of focused study, woven between fun circle-times, free-play opportunities, active hands-on learning and a selection of art, mathematics and science activities. 

Spring/Summer/Winter Camps    

Throughout our vacation times we offer special camps that are suitable for international and Japanese students. These are mixed age, play based, week-long packages of fun. Children can enjoy a wide variety of activities in our beautifully designed classrooms as well as having the opportunity to play and explore in our outdoor classroom and nature area. The camps are themed and include arts, crafts and tinkering in our fully equipped atelier; active play in our gym, stories, circle times, imaginative free play and games in our spacious classrooms and lots of time outside, whether exploring our nature garden or using the equipment in our outdoor classroom. During the Summer months a large splash pool is available on our sunny terrace and during Spring and Winter there will be a sensation play station available for regular use. Holiday camps are available for one week in Spring, 9 weeks in Summer and 2 weeks in Winter. 

Specialist Options
During holiday camps there are options available for a structured Futsal Program, ESL and phonics classes. 

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