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"Our son Felix has been attending ABC International School for 2 1/2 years and absolutely loved it. We always felt that ABC is somehow unique amongst international schools in Tokyo and that was the reason we chosed it in the first place (and we haven't been wrong). It's the kind of school you wish you could have attended yourself as a child. The atmosphere in all classrooms is warm and caring. Classes are small and the student - teacher ratio is excellent which we think is especially important in younger ages. All teachers are very attentive and not only care about children but their families as well. There's a great way of communication between teachers and parents. As a parent, you feel very much involved in your child's activities as teachers for example will forward reports and pictures of school life. There's a lovely parent community and we made lots of friends throughout school. 
Having had to move now to a different country, we can see every day how much our son was positively influenced by the school, the teachers and the ABC spirit. That is maybe one of the greatest achievements a school can make - to plant a seed and it grows even after the child has left the school. "
-Kalle and Adina

"It is with exhilaration and appreciation to inform you that Reina has been accepted at International School of the Sacred Heart starting this August for Pre K4.
 We want to thank you very much for your providing the recommendation and for preparing Reina as we believe that her acceptance was made possible from attending ABC International.
 We look forward to another exciting term at ABC's new location."

"Thank you for the pictures. We love receiving emails about Dina. It's as if we are there with her.
Thank you so much."

-Ronfouzi Roger

"My youngest daughter was in tears this morning because there was no school... I think that is about as good an endorsement of a school as you can get! Both my daughters have gone to ABC - my eldest from age 2 until graduation last year when she started at Nishimachi. We feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic school, where our kids can feel at home half way round the world from their home country. We're very grateful to the staff - they are always supportive and caring and have helped our daughters to grow in the every sense of the word and to be well prepared for the next stage of their life and education. Receiving photos and updates from the teachers about school life has enabled us to share our daughters' daily adventures. We would highly recommend ABC to any parents."

-Paul Harrison

Parent committees

We have a variety of parent committees that parents can get involved with throughout the year.  

-Social Committee

Organizes fun social gatherings for the abc community

-Kindness Committee

oFcuses on giving back.  Our main focus each year is our "Angel Program" which provides Christmas presents to families at the Nonohana No Ie Children’s Home and the Cosmos Women’s Shelter.

what our parents have to say about abc