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After School Classes
At ABC we offer a fun and stimulating selection of after-school classes ranging from science to cooking and sports to popstars! They are designed with hands-on learning and fun in mind. Small classes of up to six children mean that each child has lots of opportunity for one-to-one teacher support and active learning. 
Classes run for ten weeks each term, on weekday afternoons and although we do not offer ‘drop-in’ classes you can join at any time if we have spaces available (you will be charged from the dates you start to the end of term) 
ABC children, as well as children who regularly attend other schools, are welcome to join and most classes are suitable for 2-6 year old children. The afterschool classes are a fantastic way for children to be immersed in English and to help develop language in a natural way. 

Extended day

All of our above programs are supported by our “Extended Day Enrichment Program” or ‘ED’ as it is commonly referred too. To support families with varying schedules we offer both morning and afternoon extension from 8am until your child’s class begins and from the end of their class until 5:15pm. Children are provided with a quality program of activities and a loving and stimulating environment. For those children who are taking naps they can rest on their individual futon in our spacious classroom once their regular class has been dismissed.