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ABC English Academy

For those families who are seeking excellence in English ability, ABC offers a unique program of studies for children who cannot attend our regular preschool but are committed to learning English. Once families are member of this exclusive academy they can either choose 2 or 3 days after school classes and ABC Saturday for a discounted price as well as early reserved places on our Spring, Summer and Winter Camps. 
Our ESL Program is a winning combination of active language role-play, vocabulary games, opportunities for natural English conversation as well as reading and writing using the child-centred, multi-sensory Jolly Phonics system. 
Each class is carefully balanced to provide a range of activities that encourage communication, build language skills and enable children to practice English in real-life scenarios, within an International School environment. Classes are leveled so that children can progress through the program whether they are beginners or experienced learners. 
For older students who know all their phonic sounds and are reading, we use the Jolly Grammar program which can take children up to middle school age in their English journey and helps support their English Grammar which will be an essential part of their education as the Japanese Government makes English a formal subject for 5th and 6th Graders.